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David Mills

David Mills is a physicist / geek / tinkerer with an abiding love of finding out how and why things work. This has brought him neither fame nor fortune, but has lead to some interesting discoveries and lucrative contracts.

For the last six years, David has worked on X-Ray tomography of hard tissues (teeth and bones) and heritage objects (old documents).

David now works as a postdoc researcher at the interface between optics and life sciences, he is not quite sure how this came about as last thing he remembers is using large lasers to cause things to explode, nevertheless he is enjoying the work. The aim of David's current research is to produce a cheap board-spectrum water toxicity sensor based on standard optical technology & biological membranes, yet deployable and usable by the lay-person.

Prior to his involvement in bio-sensors, David worked with a collaboration trying to listen to rat neural blastomers as they attached to and migrated across an integrated circuit.

David finds it awkward to talk about himself in the 3rd person for very long, and so will now stop doing so.

My Ph.D research under the guidance of Kurt. W. Kolasinski was on the formation and characterisation of meso- and nano- structured silicon. The aim of the research being to discover and document the processes by which pulsed laser irradiation of a silicon surface at or just below the ablation threshold produces regular structures (frozen capillary waves, pits and conical pillars). A significant discovery during the period of my Ph.D was that of solidification driven extrusion, whereby ultra-sharp spikes grow from sub-millimeter droplets of molten silicon.

I have a CV and a less formal biography also available online.