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Dave's less formal about-me

I'm old. I was never a child - just shorter than I am now. I'm a loveable, grumpy old git. I'm stupidly shy unless drunk, then I'm stupidly shy and drunk. I'm an atheist, a conservative-anarchist-communist-liberal, a geek of the physical sciences and obsolete computers. I read a lot. I have a PhD.

I like beer, aniseed balls, curry, red wine, computers and cats. I dislike religious fundamentalists, children, cucumber, sprouts and millipedes.

I've worked as a barman, an accountant, a bank clerk, a double glazing salesman, a road sweeper, an embedded systems developer, a network installer and I've manned the hell-desk. Now I blow things up with a big laser. Now I work designing integrated optical sensing technology based on Mach-Zehnder interferometers and planar waveguides.. Now, I X-Ray things.

I have zero musical skills despite owning at least 10 CDs and having several tens of gigs of MP3s on my computers. I sometimes write. I often take photos. I collect books.

I keep finding grey hairs. I cook excellent bacon rolls, pretty good Thai fish curry, decent roast lamb and appalling cakes.