FRDM KL46Z Blink

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FRDM KL46Z Blink

This article is intended to document how I got started with developing for the Freescale FRDM-KL46Z board using Kinetis Design Studio and Processor Expert software as these are freely available from the Freescale website.

Creating a new project, I used the settings shown here.

KDS Project type.jpg And select the target board on the next screen. I'm assuming that selecting a specific development board rather than just a processor will set up some of the pin mappings to LEDs, switches and the LCD, also set the clock correctly, etc. KDS Board selection.jpg I've chosen processor expert here and standalone because I don't know any better. I'm guessing standalone will stop the compiler crapping over any already build files elsewhere. I may be wrong. KDS Project setup.jpg The processor pin mapping screen looks about right to me, I can see the pin I plan to use is named LED2_RED, but doesn't have a "normal" pin name by it as the pin next to it does. I'm not sure what this means yet. I think the name show on this screen must be defined for use in the user's code. KDS Processor pin map.jpg The GPIO components available for use in the next window pane don't sem to match up with any of those shown in the few tutorials that document develpment with these boards. KDS GPIO components.jpg

This is where I'm now stuck. I hope to be able to update this page soon with useful information.