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G0RNN's coil winding helper

This is a fantastically simple and useful tool designed and built by Chick G0RNN and described to me by Ray G1OJP. Constructed entirely from tinplate from a large tin of baked beans or similar, the tool provides a third-hand making toroid coils easy to wind.

There isn't a lot more to say, the design is pretty self-explanatory from the photographs. The only thing to consider during construction of the tool, is that cut tin-plate will have sharp edges, so should be smoothed with emery paper or similar before soldering.

The G0RNN coil winding helper

G0RNN coil winding helper
Three angles of tinplate are soldered to the lid of a tin-can

The G0RNN coil winding helper

DSC_1448 - Version 2
Various sizes of toroidal formers are accommodated and easily worked with