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A basic guide to how I got an LED to blink on the ST Nucleo F401RE board without using MBED.

Step One - Install PlatformIO - the website will have the latest details about how to do this. PlatformIO is a convenient way of installing both a tool-chain and the CMSIS framework I want to use.

The GPIO pins on the STMF401RET6 device are arranged into three channels A to C, each with a clock entry on the AHB1 bus. The clock must be enabled for each channel you wish to use.

On the ST Nucleo F401RE development board, a single LED and resistor are connected to pin 5 of GPIO channel A. To make it blink on and off (the "Embedded Hello World") we need to:

  • set up the GPIO port
  • enable the clock on the GPIO channel
  • toggle the bit on the GPIO channel corresponding to the LED

Strictly speaking, resetting the GPIO isn't required because the GPIO will be in a reset state when the STMF401RET6 is powered on, however it is good practice to make sure things are in a known state before using them. The following code sets the bit in the AHB1 bus reset register that corresponds to GPIO channel A, this isses a reset signal to GPIO channel A. The next line brings us out of reset.

RCC->AHB1RSTR = 0;                                            // Exit reset state