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Some notes on the +3 Spectrum CP/M BIOS

There are two jump tables in RAM, the first resides at 0xf968. It mainly points to the later table.

f968: c3 03 fa          jp $fa03    ;jump to WBOOT

f96b: c3 83 f5 	        jp $f583		 

f96e: c3 06 fa          jp $fa06    ;jump to CONST

f971: c3 83 f5          jp $f583		   

f974: c3 09 fa	        jp $fa09    ;jump to CONIN		  

f977: c3 83 f5	        jp $f583		   

f97a: c3 0c fa	        jp $fa0c    ;jumps to CONOUT

f97d: c3 83 f5	        jp $f583		   

f980: c3 0f fa	        jp $fa0f	;jumps to LIST	   

f983: c3 83 f5	        jp $f583		   

The second table starts at 0xfa00. CP/M 3 lables are in brackets. Proven jumps have an asterisk.

fa00: c3 0f ba          jp $ba0f    ;(BOOT)

fa03: c3 63 fa          jp $fa63    ;(WBOOT)

fa06: c3 da fb          jp $fbda    ;(CONST)

fa09: c3 f2 fb          jp $fbf2    ;(CONIN)

fa0c: c3 bb fb          jp $fbbb    ;(CONOUT*)

fa0f: c3 b6 fb          jp $fbb6    ;(LIST)

fa12: c3 b1 fb          jp $fbb1    ;(PUNCH)

fa15: c3 ed fb          jp $fbed    ;(READER)

fa18: c3 7d bb          jp $bb7d    ;(HOME)

fa1b: c3 fe fb          jp $fbfe    ;(SELDISK)

fa1e: c3 80 bb          jp $bb80    ;(SETTRACK)

fa21: c3 85 bb          jp $bb85    ;(SETSEC)

fa24: c3 8a bb          jp $bb8a    ;(SETDMA)

fa27: c3 03 fc          jp $fc03    ;(READ)

fa2a: c3 08 fc          jp $fc08    ;(WRITE)

fa2d: c3 c8 fb          jp $fbc8    ;(LISTST)

fa30: c3 95 bb          jp $bb95    ;(SECTRAN)

fa33: c3 cd fb          jp $fbcd    ;(CONOST)

fa36: c3 d5 fb          jp $fbd5    ;(AUXIST)

fa39: c3 c3 fb          jp $fbc3    ;(AUXOST)

fa3c: c3 ad fb          jp $fbad    ;(DEVTBL)

fa3f: c3 a8 fb          jp $fba8    ;(DEVINI)

fa42: c3 fa fb          jp $fbfa    ;(DRVTBL)

fa45: c3 97 bb          jp $bb97    ;(MULTI-IO)

fa48: c3 06 bc          jp $bc06    ;(FLUSH)

fa4b: c3 c2 fa          jp $fac2    ;(MOVE)

fa4e: c3 b0 fb          jp $fbb0    ;(TIME)

fa51: c3 0a fb          jp $fb0a    ;(SELMEM)

fa54: c3 91 bb          jp $bb91    ;(SETBNK)

fa57: c3 bd fa          jp $fabd    ;(XMOVE)

fa5a: c3 2c fb          jp $fb2c    ;(USERF)

fa5d: c3 00 00          jp $0000    ;(RESERVED1)

fa60: c3 00 00          jp $0000    ;(RESERVED2)

It can be seen that this table contains entries for all the specified CP/M3 system calls. The reason for the first jump table is not immediately clear - it is used by the system as a breakpoint on 0xf97a will trigger when a character is to be written to the screen.