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Research Interests

I've always been interested in the interaction of radiation and matter - from high energy particle physics to lasers and x-rays.

I now work on the Apocalypto Project applying x-ray CT scanning to the reading of ancient parchments and papers that are too degraded and damaged to read by conventional means.

My PhD was in the area of laser - surface interactions and structure formation, with applications in as diverse fields as photovoltaics, cellular scaffolds and transdermal drug delivery. Much of my work involved optimising the experimental conditions and devising new techniques to control the formation of nano- and meso-structures.

My achievements in this field include the first production of large areas of silicon micro pillars (black-Si), explanations of the various observed growth modes of the pillars and the first simple, non-lithographic technique to produce large area ordered arrays of pillars. With Kurt Kolasinski I was the first to describe Solidification Driven Extrusion and how it forms nano-spikes on textured silicon surfaces.

Kurt's textbook is an excellent primer on surface science in general and nanoscience.

A list of my publications can be found here