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  • ...face EEPROM (non-pageable from Spectrum, used to store debuggers and other code to download to the Spectrum), and an SPI IO expander (Address lines go via ...ome fancy hardware ticks that will not be in the first version of the CPLD code.
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  • ...10 modes and also periodically sends "G7UVW VHF QRSS MEPT" in 12 WPM Morse code. A single 7-segment LED module provides visual indication of them current t The source code for the controller can be found [
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  • [[Category:Code]]
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  • This is the CocoaNEC code for a simple wire dipole with ZS6BKW&nbsp;dimensions:<br>
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  • ...hat code written for the AD9851 will not work directly on the AD9850 - the code will attempt to set registers that do not exist in the AD9850. These code fragments are written in the C++ like language the Arduino development boar
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  • The perl sensor reading code is modified to send the tempreature reading to the database as well as to t All that's needed is to run the perl sensor reading code and the graph generating script every five minutes from a cron job. My cont
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  • ''Edited 16/07/2014 to show how to use new version of the code"'' ''Edited 1/1/2013 to fix buggy code, etc''
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  • Code Signing Failure: not code signed
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  • ...ery-dying bleep code, but a rather more serious detector-malfunction bleep code. This makes it fair game for a teardown! any encryption or obfuscation. There are no obvious text strings in the code, but this device never interfaces to the external world apart from some ble
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  • ...x the addressing in software - however this does make for some odd looking code at times. It would have been much nicer to have been consistent with placin ...ipe and something else (undecided as i fired up the compiler). The initial code I&nbsp;wrote was just to test the LEDS, it cycles though each LED pair addr
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  • For the sake of rapid prototyping and code-reuse, the Arduino platform was used to interface the sensors with the reco ...ding. There is nothing special in the software, it's really a few lines of code gluing library functions together.
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  • ...I think the name show on this screen must be defined for use in the user's code.
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  • make sure things are in a known state before using them. The following code sets the bit in the AHB1 bus reset register that corresponds to GPIO channe I stole the delay routine from the PlatformIO example code, everything is is from the data sheet for the STMF401RET6 device.
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  • I actually proved the CPU does nothing by accidentally writing some buggy code that set the CPU to a hard fault (crash), but the LED kept on blinking. overflows or auto reloads, the timer will set a flag we can poll for in code, or it can issue an interrupt, or as in this case, we can have it directly
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